uST Transport Was Presented in One of the Belarusian Institute

Specialists of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. gave a lecture for the students of International Institute of Management and Business. Earlier, Nadezhda Kosareva, the CEO of UST Inc., and Nikolay Sinyak, the Rector of the Institute, signed an agreement on cooperation in the educational, scientific, and commercial work. 

The topic of the lecture was the provision of economic security regarding the development of innovative solutions in the transport industry. The students were introduced to advanced technologies of the industry, mainly using the example of uST Transport. The company’s employees talked about the key elements and advantages of uST Complexes, as well as the impact of such technology on the economy as a whole. 

«UST Inc. is increasingly embracing the idea of an educational system in the concept of "training entity". We provide information on the development of uST Transport, while striving to create an understanding of the prospects in such a global project. And of course, we focus on motivating students to become part of our team in the future», – Sergey Artyushevskiy, the Deputy General Designer for Science in UST Inc., told. 

The transport developed by UST Inc. aroused great interest among the listeners. This was confirmed by numerous questions and an active dialogue with the company’s employees. At the end of the visit, the management of the Institute gave a positive feedback and expressed willingness in continuing the similar practice of holding lectures. 

The company actively cooperates with many Belarusian and foreign universities. Brest State Technical University, Vitebsk State Technological University, Belarusian State University (Biological Faculty), Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, North-eastern Federal University in Yakutsk are among them. 

For reference

In 2022 UST Inc. received the status of scientific entity in Belarus. The company was accredited by the National Academy of Sciences and the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. became the 8th private company in the country, which has such status.  

6 April 2023