Infrastructure Infrastructure

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. creates transport and infrastructure complexes that will fit harmoniously into the existing infrastructure of any settlement while effectively solving its transport problems

uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions can form a network of high-rise buildings with mutual overhead transport communication.

The passenger terminals include stations and technical devices for passenger service. If necessary, the stations can be equipped with terminals for cargo and luggage transportation, control room and maintenance area.

Terminals (stations)
Maintenance area
Power supply complex
Utilities and engineering equipment

The maintenance area is designed to carry out a range of activities that ensure the technical readiness of rail electric uPods throughout the entire life cycle.

The power supply complex includes technical facilities and devices (electric substations, contact network, electrical insulator system, power grids, etc.) that provide power supply to power-consuming infrastructure facilities, as well as to the rolling stock on electrified track structures.

Station of the uST High-Speed Complex (Maryina Gorka, Belarus, 2019)

The utilities include pipelines and cables for various purposes (water supply, sewerage, heating, power supply, communications, etc.) laid in the territory of the transport complex and (if necessary) nearby settlements to ensure the life cycle of the complex.

Passenger and service stations in tropical design (Sharjah, UAE, 2021)

The elegant string rail overpass as well as stations and the garage with repair shop, individually designed with consideration of specific terrain and expectations of the customer, will not conflict with the architecture of the settlement, but will favorably complement it. The principle of modularity allows the passenger terminals to fit organically into the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the existing communication networks can be integrated into the string rail, which will allow to visually “decongest” the city. There is a possibility to expand the infrastructure by including cafes, stores, entertainment centers, ATMs, pharmacies, etc.

Stop and station in the EcoTechnoPark (Maryina Gorka, Belarus, 2022)

Stations, garages with repair shops, and terminals for uST transport are designed and implemented by the string technology, which provides easier integration into the existing urban environment as compared to conventional forms of transport.