Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Becomes a Scientific Organization!

UST Inc.

UST Inc. has been granted the status of a scientific organization. The company was accredited by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus. At the end of April, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was issued the corresponding certificate. 

The Road to Recognition

Specialists of state bodies and organizations made the decision to accredit Unitsky String Technologies Inc. based on the evaluation of research and engineering results provided by the company. Note that commercial organizations that underwent accreditation for the first time (simply speaking, newcomers) have not received such a status since April 2019. By the way, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. became the 8th private company in Belarus to have such an honorary status. It is valid for five years.

It is a certificate confirming the competence and importance of scientific activities of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. It was a long and systematic process with years of painstaking work, proactive scientific activity, and consideration of numerous legislative nuances in our work. The most important thing was to collect information and document the results of scientific activities on numerous indicators (more than a hundred) from 2016 to 2021, as well as to make the forecast until 2026. The final stage involved a challenging and responsible defense procedure at the Academy of Sciences.

Reference of UST Inc.

Accreditation of a scientific organization is a form of state recognition of competence of a legal entity in performance of research, development and engineering. Accreditation is held once in five years. 

Scientific activities of the company

Unitsky String Technologies Inc.'s work on implementation of R&D activities is supervised by the teams of the Deputy General Designer for Science and the R&D Department. Employees of these divisions accomplish key tasks both in introducing new materials and raw materials into production, and in mastering the manufacture of innovative products.


The company cooperates tightly with Belarusian and foreign scientific organizations. At the same time, we pay attention to the development of our own employees' potential. There are eleven PhDs working in Unitsky String Technologies Inc., five associate professors, and more than ten employees who teach in different higher educational institutions of the country. During the last five years alone, over 40 scientific papers have been completed by the company's employees. For the second year in a row one of the priorities for the UST Inc. is to perform R&D with state registration. In 2021 five such works were registered, two of which have been duly completed, and three are still in progress. Three international R&D conferences were held with the assistance of the company. More than 100 research articles and five books were published by the employees. In November 2020, the company accredited its own testing center. In 2021 the Concept of Development of Scientific and Innovation Activities until 2025 was approved, and five meetings of the Scientific and Technical Council were held.

Over the last five years 95 titles of protection for industrial property rights were obtained (two thirds of them outside of Belarus). From 2019 to 2021 twenty Eurasian patents for inventions were registered. The company obtained a European patent for the first time in 2020, as well as two Chinese patents in 2021.


Prospects for the development of research activities focus on the further development and implementation of the company's technology, as well as the on execution of targeted commercial projects in different countries. In addition, the company plans to work on further state registration of R&Ds and industrial property rights in its core areas. Particular attention will be paid to improving the professional and scientific qualifications of the company's specialists.

Obtaining the status of a scientific organization was made possible by the ideas, daily industrious work and professionalism of the company's employees. This achievement may later play a determining role in the implementation of UST Inc.'s technology. 

13 May 2022