UST Inc. Signed a Cooperation Agreement With the Institute of Management and Business

The delegation of the Private Institute of Management and Business (PIMB) visited Unitsky String Technologies Inc. During the visit, the CEO of UST Inc. Nadezhda Kosareva and the rector of PIMB Nikolai Sinyak signed a cooperation agreement.

The delegation also included Ekaterina Parfenovich, the first vice-rector of the Institute, Lyudmila Kotko, Dean of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining, Gennady Kalenov, a specialist of the Quality Management and Research Department, and Wang Sihao, a representative of the Chinese company Hope Education Group.

The guests got acquainted with the work of the main office and the activities of Design Offices. At the meeting with Director General Nadezhda Kosareva, the parties agreed on joint activities in the educational sphere and scientific and commercial work.

The delegation was impressed by the scale of the SW Plant production complex and the assembly of rolling stock. The participants of the visit got acquainted with the park of modern equipment which helps to manufacture elements of uST Transport and Infrastructure Complexes: uPod hulls, string rail overpasses, motor wheels, engines, energy storage and more.

In the EcoTechnoPark, i.e. the UST Inc.’s demonstration center, representatives of the Institute visited the uST Transport Museum, passenger stations and control room, learned about the features of rolling stock and string rail overpasses. The visitors were particularly impressed by the demonstration of uPods — a 6-seat uCar and a 14-seat uBus.

The meeting ended with a discussion of areas of cooperation. Among them are lectures on uST Technology for students of PIMB, competitions of final qualifying works conducted by UST Inc., scientific, technical and innovative projects of economic orientation, joint participation in conferences and other scientific events with subsequent publication of scientific papers.

16 January 2023