Automated control system

All components of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes are unique projects of the company. The key elements of the product of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. are structurally lightweight and strong string rail overpass, unmanned steel-wheeled electric cars, automated control system, as well as string transport stations and other infrastructure.

Control system of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes is automated. Technical vision helps it continuously read out information from the track, monitor the route assignment, and allows the transport to respond instantly to obstacles and threats. Its role is to ensure comfortable and safe transportation of passengers, as well as reliable and accident-free transportation of goods.

Control system (hereinafter – CS) of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex includes the following main systems:

  • central control system (CCS). It is designed to control the vehicles of the transport complex (TC) and automated infrastructure facilities, and generate a traffic schedule based on the status of all vehicles of all systems in the transport complex to ensure safe and comfortable transportation of passengers
  • onboard vehicle control system (OCS). It is designed to control subsystems of the vehicle for the sake of safe and comfortable execution of the traffic schedule
  • automated infrastructure facilities and supplementary systems that ensure operation of the vehicle. They are designed to provide safe operation of the vehicle and comfortable passenger transportation
Central control system (CCS)
Data transmission system
Onboard control system (OCS)
Automated infrastructure facilities (gates, stationary positioning systems, information systems, lighting, climate)

The system receives, processes and analyzes information thanks to various target-specific sensors and fully controls the route and speed of uPods. It independently makes decisions to reduce speed or stop in case of detecting an obstacle or any potential danger on the route. Real-time data exchange with the components of the transport and infrastructure complex is possible, as well as reception of signals from other vehicles.

Technical vision of a tropical uCar (Sharjah, UAE, 2019)

Automated control system monitors the safety condition in the vehicle cabin and the overboard situation along the entire route. It also coordinates embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, adapts travel intervals of uPods to passenger or cargo flows so that electric rail cars are not overcrowded or empty. The system is able to recognize passenger actions that could constitute safety hazard and takes measures to prevent dangerous situations. For example, acts of terrorism, vandalism, etc.

Automated control system completely eliminates the human factor, accidents and traffic jams, provides full speed control and uninterrupted 24-hour operation regardless of weather conditions (snowfall, heavy rain, sandstorm, etc.). The system makes uST rolling stock easily adaptable to any conditions in and out of a city, in the mountains, and in areas separated by wide water barriers.