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About us

  • UST Inc. is primarily people united by the desire to pave new paths and inspire with innovations.
  • Presently, the Company employs more than 600 people, and each of them plays an important role in creating global transport solutions.
Adaptation of employees

We are glad to meet new colleagues! And we do everything to ensure that the adaptation process is comfortable and efficient: we hold introductory meetings, arrange curatorial support, and open communication with the Director.


UST Inc. invests in your development by providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional development: we have a free electronic library, English language courses, corporate programs on management skills, internal conferences, and regular strategic sessions. We cooperate with the best business schools in Belarus.

Corporate culture

We create an inspiring atmosphere, appreciate professionals, and create such conditions that they want to work with us.

Professional development

The possibility of career growth is a motivating factor for any employee. We are actively implementing mentoring programs and formation of a personnel reserve.

Benefit program

Modern office within walking distance from the metro station “Mikhalovo”

Participation in international specialized conferences, exhibitions, and projects

Compliance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus, a full social package, and a decent salary

Discounts in the corporate cafe, partner stores, as well as for playing sports

Corporate training and English language courses at the Company’s expense

Active recreation rooms in the office, large-scale team building, participation in city-scale sports events

Work with modern software

Corporate gifts and bright holidays

Medical insurance

Support when moving to Minsk

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Vehicle assembler

You will have to perform the following:

  • Development of the vehicle concept and technical requirements
  • Development of technical specifications for the vehicle
  • Development of technical requirements for systems
  • Compiling of top-level requirements for engineering staff
  • Selection and protection of promising project designing trends
  • Maintaining and updating of the CAD model
  • Designing and development of working scenarios of the vehicle as part of the complex, as well as test scenarios for validation of conceptual solutions
  • Preliminary calculations (on traction, strength, kinematics)
  • Product lifecycle maintenance
  • Work with engineers both responsible and best in their field to solve critical problems during prototyping

Our expectations of you:

  • Work experience as an assembler or lead designer/chief designer
  • Available work experience in the automobile or aircraft industry, or related sectors
  • Work experience is also desirable in 2-3 disciplines such as mechanics, dynamics and kinematics, manufacturing (tolerances), hydraulics, electromagnetism and electric machines, thermodynamics and heat-mass exchange
  • Ability to determine the key indicators of the vehicle, consolidate the results, summarize and present the results in documentation and presentations
  • Proper command of CAD and PLM

Transport complex assembler

You will have to perform the following:

  • Development and formation of the transport complex concept
  • Preliminary calculations on the main parameters of the transport complex (logistics, track structures, rolling stock)
  • Selection and protection of promising project designing directions
  • CAD model maintenance and PLM control
  • Designing and development of transport complex scenarios, as well as test scenarios for validation of conceptual solutions
  • Provision of engineering support for the strategic planning department (providing mathematical and CAD models, MATLAB and Excel)

Our expectations of you:

  • Work experience in mechatronics, railway or aerospace industry, and related sectors
  • Available experience as a system engineer, assembler or head of a similar department (work with a permanent team, creation of working groups, supervision of the work of junior and senior engineering staff)
  • Proficient at CAD and PLM
  • Work experience is also desirable in 2-3 disciplines such as mechanics, dynamics and kinematics, manufacturing (tolerances), hydraulics, electromagnetism and electric machines, thermodynamics and heat-mass exchange

Project engineer of CMP WPP

You will have to perform the following:

  • Development of organizational and technological solutions for the installation of track structures

Our expectations of you:

  • Higher technical education
  • Your work experience in construction, project designing or contracting organizations is more than 3 years; experience in project designing of span launching of bridge structures will be your advantage
  • Participation in preparation of construction master plans and/or work performance projects (assembly of metal structures, mounting of antenna structures, installation of bridge structures, especially large-span, hanging, rope suspension bridges)
  • Experience of working with prestressed structures
  • Participation in development of organizational and technological schemes, technological charts (regulations), as well as the section on special purpose auxiliary facilities and equipment
  • Execution of calculations on installation stages
  • Experience in calculations of welded and bolted joints (preferably)
  • Understanding of “how building structures operate”
  • Good command of manual and/or machine calculation of building structures
  • Operation in AutoCAD, Mathcad, 3DE (preferably)
  • Readiness for business trips

Lead project engineer of RCS MS

You will have to perform the following:

  • Calculation and project designing of reinforced concrete/metal structures
  • Geotechnical calculations
  • Joint work on the project with related departments
  • Passing the state expertise on the objects

Our expectations of you:

  • Higher specialized education (industrial and civil сonstruction)
  • Experience in project designing of industrial and civil facilities is more than 5 years
  • Capability to perform construction calculations manually and with the use of software systems
  • Experience of passing the state expertise
  • Knowledge of special programs and devices, such as Autodesk Revit, Dlubal RFEM, Midas GTS NX, as well as foreign languages (English) will be an advantage
  • Readiness for business trips

Lead design engineer

You will have to perform the following:

  • Drafting of technical requirements and technical specifications (for vehicle/transport complex)
  • Analysis to determine the technical characteristics of the vehicle based on the transport complex needs
  • Vehicle coordination and alignment with the components of the transport complex (track structure, buildings and structures, infrastructure, energy supply)
  • Development of the vehicle as a supervisor and consultant (development of components); architectural supervision
  • Validation and verification of agreed, designed and manufactured vehicle components
  • Arrangement of installation and adjustment; support of testing and commissioning of prototypes of products, units, vehicle systems

Our expectations of you:

  • Higher technical education
  • Experience in a managerial position is desirable
  • Ability to design complex products, subassemblies and systems
  • Release of design documents in accordance with the unified system for design documentation in the railway industry (locomotives, trains, railcars, metro, trams)
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