Certification and accountability

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. develops and manufactures uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes in accordance with international requirements, which makes it possible to adapt the company’s products to all markets in the shortest possible time.

The activity of UST Inc. is based on the principles of the international quality, environmental, health and labour safety management systems. These approaches serve the basis and the key to the successful fulfillment of all requirements to confirm compliance of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex with the regulations.

Conformity Assessment Objects of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes

Vehicle (steel-wheeled electric car)

  • confirmation of compliance in the form approved by the Regulatory (Transport, National Safety) Body of the project country

Control system

  • (communication, software, electric rail car control system, infrastructure control system) – confirmation of compliance in mandatory form for the safety functions Certification / Declaration

Infrastructure facilities

  • (string rail overpass, power supply system, buildings and facilities) – legislation of the complex operator country in construction

Confirmation of compliance of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes

Confirmation of compliance of string transport systems in the countries of the world takes the following steps:

  • agreeing the requirements with the Regulatory Authority of a particular country
  • conducting tests in accredited testing laboratories
  • generation of a proof of safety

Thus, the certification of any transport system, including the innovative one, comes down to the proof of safety according to national and/or international requirements of the country where the targeted project is implemented

Pattern for Confirmation of Compliance of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex

Electric car
Control system
Proof of safety
  • Regulatory authority
  • Certification authority
Infrastructure facilities
Development and approval of project documentation
  • Acceptance commission
Acceptance and pilot operation of the complex uST
  • Regulatory authority
Permission to the operation of uST complex
Transfer of the complex to the operator company
Operator company
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

Test & Demonstration Centers of UST Inc.

The company has two Test & Demonstration Centers located in Belarus (Maryina Gorka) and the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah). At these centers, all technological solutions of UST Inc. undergo numerous inspections, tests, and certification. The information obtained is processed. If necessary, design and technological changes are made in the operating documents.

The location of Test & Demonstration Centers in two diametrically opposed climatic zones makes it possible to fully consider external climatic features (from frost, snowfall and ice to heat, sea salts in the air and soil, sand storms) to further implement projects anywhere in our planet.


UST Inc.'s competencies are confirmed by certificates of conformity for the right to act as the general designer, for the right to develop sections of project documentation for construction projects of the first to fourth complexity categories, as well as for the right to provide engineering services in the implementation of activities in the construction of facilities of the first to fourth complexity categories.

In 2021 in Sharjah, uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex was certified in accordance with the safety requirements of the independent international organization TUV SW

The certificate confirms the safety of the technology and applies to the main components of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex:

  • string rail transport overpass
  • steel-wheeled electric cars (uPods) with automated control systems
  • anchor and supporting towers
  • passenger and service stations (including the control station and the repair shop)

TUV SW is an organization providing solutions in the field of quality, safety and sustainable development, specializing in testing, inspection, auditing, certification and training. TUV SW is evaluated and accredited (including ISO 17020, ISO 17021) by various national and international accreditation bodies for professionalism, ethics, reliability and independence for certification evaluation.

Previously, as part of the development of procedures and algorithms for certification of rolling stock UST Inc. received a certificate of conformity from the Research Institute of Urban Electric Transport (Russian Federation).

Accreditation as a scientific organization

On April 20, 2022, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was granted the status of a scientific organization. The company was accredited by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the State Committee for Science and Technology, after which it received the appropriate certificate. At that time, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. became the 8th private company in Belarus to gain such a status.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is a reliable and conscientious partner for business activities both in Belarus and abroad. Another confirmation of this is the inclusion of the company in the relevant register of business entities by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Certificate of conformity for the management systems

At the moment, the management systems of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. are certified in the international and national conformity assessment systems.

We have obtained certificates of compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards (STB ISO 9001-2015), environmental management system with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 standards (STB ISO 14001-2017), health and labour safety management system with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 standards (STB ISO 45001-2020).

The certificates of conformity underlines the ability of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. to provide services that meet the requirements of consumers and legislation for the design, development, testing and maintenance of string transport complexes, as well as development of pre-project (pre-investment) and project documentation for construction projects; perform the functions of general designer, customer and developer; provide engineering services for integrated management and technical supervision in construction. It also confirms our intentions to constantly improve our activities in the field of quality, ecology, health and labour safety.

The certificates of conformity we have received are recognized by the members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) which includes more than 90 IAF member countries.

TÜV International Certification (TIC)

Certificates of compliance of the quality management system to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards (STB ISO 9001-2015)

Certificate EMS41139 20230919 -en

Certificates of compliance of the environmental management system with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 (STB ISO 14001-2017)

Certificates of compliance of the health and labour safety management system with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 standards (STB ISO 45001-2020)