uLite: the next stage is a verification of the transport weight parameters

uLite transport and infrastructure complex is undergoing a series of investigation tests. Let us remind you, that these events are carried out for reclassification of the complex from cargo to a passenger-and-cargo one. After confirming the electrical safety parameters of the uPod, the engineers of UST Inc. will test its dynamic characteristics and the actual track clearance.

“The target indicators of curb and gross weight were laid down when designing uLite under the terms of reference. At this stage, it is important to verify the data, which will help to avoid excessive loads on nodes and systems, and ensure operation in accordance with the specified modes,” said Sergei Klyaus, the Chief Designer of uLite.

uLite is one of the lightest uPods in the product portfolio of UST Inc. Its assembly required minimal costs. When developing the model, the main criteria were ease of manufacture, the minimum amount of equipment, only essentials for smooth functioning, safety, and ergonomics of the transport. By the way, its simplicity can only be attributed to the external appearance of the machine. In all other respects, the uLite is a full-fledged and efficient uPod with an automated control system.

The transport can be easily adapted to restrained urban conditions because of the minimalistic design. The compact and visually light complex will harmoniously fit into the city environment. This will not require redevelopment of the existing infrastructure. At the same time, uLite is characterized by low construction costs due to a small number of expensive components in the structure. Its construction will be significantly cheaper than the use of many transport alternatives.

7 September 2023