The uST Technology Is Considered as a Means of the Transport in the New Capital of Indonesia

UST Inc. continues to work on the application of the uST Technology in Indonesia within the framework of the agreement signed with ITS Indonesia. Implementation of the solution by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in Jakarta remains a priority. At the same time, according to ITS Indonesia President William Sabandar, the company’s transportation and infrastructure complexes can be used in the future capital of Indonesia Nusantara.

Inclusive smart super hub

Jakarta, which is a home to a record number of shopping malls and places No.12 on the planet regarding the number of skyscrapers, is gradually sinking underwater. Regular floods and overpopulation of the metropolis led to the Government’s announcement in April 2019 that all government agencies will be relocated to the new capital, Nusantara. The uST Technology can be an effective solution for the transport infrastructure of this future city. The complexes created by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. will connect the capital with the region’s airports and other islands: Nusantara is located in the province of East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.

Project of the future capital of Indonesia – Nusantara. Source:

The development of Nusantara is a historic moment for Indonesia. For the first time, the country will not simply move the capital to another settlement, but build a city from scratch.

The Government had already launched a clean city project where renewable energy will be used. By 2045, Nusantara should be a carbon-neutral green city with a target mobility rate of 80 %.

Conservation of the natural ecosystem

The design of Nusantara focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency. The uST technology is optimally suited for the most ambitious tasks, both in the already formed urban infrastructure of Jakarta and for the arrangement of a modern transportation system in the future capital. The uST transport and infrastructure complexes have minimal impact on nature.

uCar in the EcoTechnoPark (Maryina Gorka, Belarus, 2021)
  • The construction of the uST track structure does not disrupt the natural movement of groundwater and surface water. 
  • The string rail overpass can be laid over parks and recreational areas. 
  • There are no exhaust and tyre wear products during the operation of uPods on steel wheels. 
  • The complexes operate on electricity that is the most environmentally friendly type of power supply.
  • The uST solutions are characterized by high energy efficiency: the energy consumption of uPods is 2-3 times lower than that of conventional vehicles on steel wheel or magnetic cushion; and 5-7 times lower than that of automobiles, including ones on pneumatic tyres.
  • The above-ground construction of the tracks preserves the landscape, natural ecosystems, and biodiversity of the surrounding areas. Transport of the second level will help to save a significant part of mangrove forests and habitats of a Malayan bear, orangutan, and long-nosed monkey. By the way, the last two species are in the Red List. 
  • The removal of humus from land is minimized providing maximum conservation of the fertile layer. This is due to the low level of earth-moving and small area of land used for the uST route. 

Thanks to the solution by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. the movement around and outside the city will be extremely comfortable for residents and guests of Nusantara: the temperature in the uPods’ passenger compartments is maintained by climatic installations and cooling systems. The automated system assesses threats and obstacles, timely informs the central control system of any emergency situation, thus ensuring safety of passengers in the uPods on steel wheels round the clock.

For more information about the uST Transportation and Infrastructure Complexes, please visit the website.

5 December 2022