The experts of UST Inc. are going to check the electrical and structural safety parameters of uLite

The first commercial project of UST Inc.

Measures to change the purpose of the uLite transport and infrastructure complex from cargo to passenger-and-cargo are proceeding in accordance with the schedule. In the near future, the UST Inc.’s engineers are testing the electrical safety of the uPod and confirming the design parameters of the passenger cabin. 

“The reliability of uLite and the absence of risks are key indicators for our transport, especially when it concerns passenger transportation. We have provided a set of technical and organizational measures for ensuring the electrical safety of uLite. Here we relied on the standards for electric transport. The planned tests should confirm the correctness of the solutions laid down by us,” said Mikhail Yudenok, the Head of the Electrical Equipment Design Bureau.

The first commercial project of UST Inc.

According to the company's specialists, an important emphasis is placed on the fire safety of the uPod. So, the materials and components, which do not sustain combustion and meet all the requirements stated by the calculations, are applied to the electrical equipment of the rail electric vehicle. The traction module is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. All fire hazardous equipment is placed in special metal cabinets.

“During the vehicle testing phase, it is important for us to eliminate any potential threats that may harm passengers. There can be no compromises in matters of comfort and safety,” said Sergei Klyaus, the Chief Designer of the uLite vehicle.

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The solutions have been implemented in the uPod that exclude the possibility of its crash from the track structure. For additional safety, the dead-end devices are installed on the anchoring structures, which do not allow uLite to go off the line in case of malfunctions with the control system. In addition, the design of the traction module prevents component parts from falling on the track.

1 September 2023