Scientific calculations: uST supporting towers guarantee high reliability for 100 years

The uSky Testing and Certification Center

The scientific journal “Innovative Transport Systems and Technologies” published a study on the strength evaluation of supporting towers of the uST complex. The test section of the flexible rail track structure at the uSky Testing and Certification Center was taken as the basis for the calculations.

The test section of the string rail overpass with a flexible rail at the uSky Center is an engineering structure consisting of three spans of the overpass part. Anchoring structures carry a horizontal load from the overpass part tension, namely ropes and a U-shaped profile. The vertical load is distributed to the supporting towers. The anchoring structures are made of monolithic reinforced concrete, while the supporting towers are constructed of round steel pipes with guy wires.

The study presents an assessment of the supporting towers strength under the influence of a complex of loads from the track structure, transport and wind. As the authors of the publication noted, the analysis of the calculation results showed a high reliability of structures that guarantee the safe operation of the route for at least 100 years with the uPod year-round operation at an interval of about 2 minutes.

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The scientific journal “Innovative transport systems and technologies” publishes works that reveal topical issues of transport development, innovative solutions for ensuring transport security, creating modern infrastructure, and improving energy efficiency. The publication is included in the list of the Russian Higher Attestation Commission.

15 January 2024