The uLite: Next Stage – Transition to Cargo and Passenger Transportation

The first commercial project of UST Inc.

Activities on the first commercial project of UST Inc. are going on schedule. At present, the complex is being operated as a cargo facility. At the final stage it will be used as a cargo and passenger transport. Currently, the company's engineers are testing the operation of the uLite and adjusting all its systems.

"Now it is important to confirm the reliability of our product, as passenger transportation is a fundamentally different level of responsibility. As of today, the uPod has traveled about 2,000 kilometers. At the same time, we are preparing documentation for approval by state regulators. After testing and development of statistics on operational safety, we will take a number of measures to change the function of the complex to cargo and passenger transportation," said Vitaly Lapkovsky, Chief Designer of Rapid Transport Complex.

The Transport & Infrastructure Complex includes two stations, a flexible track structure, four supporting towers (one of them is rotary), an automated control system and rolling stock – the uLite rail electric car. The length of the track is 1120 meters and the distance between spans is 250 meters. The track structure of the complex connects lake shores and recreational areas of the ecopark, as well as hard-to-reach and remote locations.

The first commercial project of UST Inc.

The rail electric car provides the modularity function. The passenger module can be designed for both cargo and passenger transportation. The standard equipment of the traction module includes on-board control system, traction electric drive system, suspension, wheels, braking system, fire extinguishing system and two-way communication system. In addition, the equipment of the traction module is designed so that most vehicle set-up and maintenance operations can be done without removing the cladding.

The uPod is equipped with safety devices. They are quick-release and can be replaced with process equipment in case the vehicle is jacked up on the track structure. This includes quick wheel replacement. The loss of one wheel will not make the vehicle unstable.

As a reminder, earlier the management of UST Inc. outlined the significance of the implementation of the uLite Transport & Infrastructure Complex. Learn more about it in the publications with the perspective of the General Director of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. and the opinion of the company's General Designer.

3 August 2023