"The Future That Is Already Coming": A Film About Anatoli Unitsky Is Released by "Day TV" Channel

The Russian analytical Internet channel "Day TV" showed a film about the founder and General designer of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Anatoli Unitsky. In a discussion with Igor Shnurenko, an author, independent expert and speaker on the subject of artificial intelligence, the author of string transport spoke in detail about his ideas, many of which have already been implemented.

The film highlights the future, the features of which can be seen today. Anatoli Unitsky's ideas include string transport, non-rocket exploration of near space, and linear cities in which people can walk barefoot and live in harmony with nature. Many of these ideas have been implemented and operate already today.

Briefing note from UST

"Day TV" is an analytical Internet channel and platform where a wide range of experts discuss hot-spot issues in politics, economics, religion, history and culture.

In one of the episodes of the film, the General designer of UST Inc. draws attention to how the company's product can affect the future:

– This is a mode of transport that will not kill people. A car kills 150 million people within 100 years. This is a transport that will not cripple people, whereas a car will make about a billion people disabled within 100 years. String transport will not burn fuel, whereas cars burn at least 200 billion tons of fuel within 100 years. String transport will not take away the land that roads are taking away now. It will not pollute the soil that is adjacent to the roads.

It is noted in the description of the film on the website of this media resource that in a world where new technologies cause fear, and human impact on the biosphere is disastrous, we need new approaches – such as those proposed by Engineer Anatoli Unitsky.

12 January 2022