uST Transport is Presented at the Sharjah Scientific Research Park

uST transport stand appeared in the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP). It displays a passenger four-seat uCar U4-430 in a tropical version. 

Some guests have already managed to review this electric car on steel wheels. Students from the American University of Sharjah are among them. They learned that due to its unique features, this product developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can not only compete with traditional modes of transport, but also surpass them.  

The guests were impressed by the advantages of uST technology: due to the fact that the uPods move above the ground on a special string-rail overpass, traffic jams and accidents are excluded. Such transport does not pollute the atmosphere, allows rational use of land and resources. The track structure requires minimal land acquisition. At the same time, uST transport and infrastructure complexes operate on the cleanest power source – electricity, and their energy consumption is several times lower than conventional modes of transport.  

The guests of the park were told that the presented uCar was designed specifically for use under tropical conditions and is intended for urban and suburban routes. SRTIP visitors were able not only to see the uCar, but also to participate in a test drive at the uSky Testing and Certification Center to verify personally the reliability, comfort and safety of the second-level transport. 

SRTIP strives to develop innovative areas that contribute to the improvement of the region. One of them is modern concepts of urban transport.

According to SRTIP CEO Hussain Al Mahmoudi, the complexes being created by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. are optimal for the development of Sharjah's transport infrastructure and can be used in a number of areas.

9 December 2022