How Can uST Solutions Improve the Efficiency of Mining Industry?

uTrans increases the efficiency of natural resources delivery and reduces its cost

uTrans is a non-stop cargo conveyor-type vehicle solution that allows to speed up the bulk cargo delivery and reduce its cost. uST Transport can be used in the organization of loading and unloading terminals or introduced into the structures with seaports. uTrans will find its application in mining and oil, coal, steel, and construction industries.

Acting as a more efficient way of delivering natural resources compared to self-propelled vehicles, uTrans can be combined with the uTruck line. This expands the possibilities when organizing cargo transportation on the territory of industrial facilities. An automated solution will allow the enterprises with a cyclic-flow mining technology to optimize their work and increase the efficiency.

  • uST Solution can be operated 24/7 all year round.
  • Maximum transportation speed is 36 km/h.
  • Loading into an endless belt body is carried out from the terminal, and unloading is by tilting of the belt in a vertical plane.

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26 May 2023