Anatoli Unitsky speaks on the areas of work in Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

The author of uST technology

There is another video message by the General Designer of UST Inc. on his YouTube channel. The author of uST technology answers the question of why the company is working in so many areas concurrently.

Anatoli Unitsky emphasized that the UST Inc. creates a unique complex product. For example, there are thousands of parts and assemblies in an unmanned electric rail vehicle, just like in an airplane. Therefore, UST Inc. should have more than 20 specialized design offices, departments and laboratories for rolling stock alone.

Also, the author of uST technology noted that in addition to the uPods UST Inc. designs string rail overpass and transport infrastructure. Each of these directions should include more than 10 departments staffed by highly-qualified technical specialists.  

The General Designer of UST Inc. reminded that there are other divisions which are not for transport development but necessary for the harmonious functioning of the company such as legal department, supply department, patent and licensing service, etc. 

Over time, when entering a large number of targeted projects, the staff will be expanded, Anatoli Unitsky said:

"Then, for example, when reaching 1,000 kilometers of string roads per year, only the design management staff of our engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (currently there are less than 100 specialists working there) should grow to about 1,000 people. Otherwise orders for the design and construction of string roads will not be fulfilled due to a shortage of personnel."

6 March 2024