FAQs About the Karat Complex: Achieving Maximum Speed and Cruising Range

In April at uSky Centre, the Karat U4-212 uBus made its first passenger runs, and in May it hit the spotlight of a reputable Arab media outlet. Attention to the company's flagship is growing every month. Representatives of business, authorities, technology supporters and media are interested in the features and characteristics of the advanced development of UST Inc. What is the speed of the uPod? What is the load capacity of the track? What is the cruising range of the uBus? Answers to these and other frequently asked questions about the Karat can be found in the series of materials we are starting with this publication.  

What speed can the Karat uBus reach at this stage? 

Today, until the completion of all development work, the uBus is ready for operation at a speed of 85 km/h. Runs of the uBus are performed in compliance with the norms and test methods. It is important to consider that the speed is increased systematically (up to 40 km/h in 10 km/h increments, and then - in 5 km/h increments) and gets safety confirmation. 

uBus Karat U4-212

When will we see a speed of 150 km/h?

Achieving the maximum speed is a complex aspect, and the transition to it is possible only after all the checks of the transport components have been completed, which the company's specialists are now actively working on. 

What is the load capacity of the track? 

The load capacity of the string rail overpass is 60 tons.

A semi-rigid track structure at uSky Center

What is the cruising range of the uBus when using energy storage? 

The uPod has a range of about 28 kilometers when using the built-in energy storage unit.

Why is the design of the Karat uBus different from other uBuses? What was the basis for choosing the shape of the vehicle? 

On the one hand, the developers adhered to the principle of aesthetic constructive minimalism and trends established in the market. On the other hand, the “chopped” shape of the uBus is dictated by its name. In terms of positioning for the UAE, the company “cut a diamond” by presenting the flagship of the uST rolling stock.

uBus Karat U4-212

Does the Karat complex have a rigid track structure like the monorail in Wuppertal, or is it flexible? 

The Karat complex includes a semi-rigid track structure that can absorb relative strain without any overloading, unlike a rigid beam.

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4 Junе 2024