Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Visited by a Delegation of One of the Technological Universities of Belarus

Representatives of Vitebsk State Technological University (VSTU) visited the main office of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in Minsk. In addition, the guests visited the production facility and got acquainted with the capabilities of the uST transport and infrastructure complexes in the EcoTechnoPark.

The delegation included Vice-Rector for Research Elena Vankevich, Head of the Department of Ecology and Chemical Technologies Natalya Yasinskaya, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-Building Production Andrei Klimentyev and Head of the Research Department Viktor Sazhin.

The visitors were shown the production facilities of UST Inc. The guests from Vitebsk learned how motor-wheels, energy storage devices, electric car bodies on steel wheels and other elements of string transport are manufactured. The scale of production itself made a special impression on the guests. After all, the plant is equipped with a whole stock of the most modern equipment.

A visit to the EcoTechnoPark, where uST transport and infrastructure complexes are presented, seemed to the guests the most interesting part of the visit. They saw the operation of electric rail vehicles on steel wheels, got acquainted with the features of the string-rail overpass, visited the station and the string transport museum, and also appreciated the advantages of the eco-house.

The guests were also impressed by the history of the EcoTechnoPark. Over just a few years, an innovation center has grown on the site of the former tank training ground, where neat alleys of trees and well-groomed gardens have been planted alongside the uST transport and infrastructure complexes.

The representatives of the university were able to assess the comfort of the transport. They learned about its environmental benefits compared to traditional modes of transport solutions. For example, even electric vehicles take up space on the road, which leads to traffic jams, in which the lion's share of harmful substances is emitted. At the same time, the string transport moves above the ground, which rules out this problem. The energy consumption of uPods is 10–15 times lower than that of road transport. Finally, electric vehicles use rubber tires that wear out, releasing harmful substances into the air (tire production means harmful emissions too). In contrast, uST vehicles use steel wheels.

The meeting ended with a discussion of prospective areas of cooperation: joint implementation of scientific projects and research, scientific and practical events, as well as lectures and practical classes. Vice-Rector for Research Elena Vankevich thanked the representatives of the company: “We did not expect such technologies to exist in our country. Thank you so much for the informative tour and warm welcome!”

And in order to return to the EcoTechnoPark more than once, according to the established tradition, the visitors touched the Kilometer Zero memorial sign, which a while back became the first step towards creating a fundamentally new network of safe, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly string roads.

3 Junе 2022