The Indonesian Authorities Find uST a Promising Solution to Create a Smart Transportation System in the Country

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues to work within the framework of the agreement related to the development of the transport infrastructure in Indonesia. The document signed with ITS Indonesia covers the prospects of using the uST technology in the region. One of the areas of interest to the Indonesian authorities is the use of the uST solution for the organization of smart transportation system in the country.

Creating a smart transportation system is one of the main goals for the Indonesian government. According to the plan of the Ministry of Transport, a high-tech and environmentally friendly transportation system, created in accordance with the concept of "Smart City, Smart Mobility," is among the regional priorities.

According to William Sabandar, the President of ITS Indonesia, the cooperation with Unitsky String Technologies Inc. will expand the possibilities of Indonesia in terms of using the modern intelligent transport technologies.

This will allow to solve problems such as urban congestion and low mobility in the suburban areas. For example, in Jakarta, where the population exceeds 10 million people and the congestion levels are high, the uST technology can be combined with the existing public transport modes.

The uST complexes have the potential to bring the Indonesian transport services to a whole new level. The solution offered by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. uses an automated control system that receives and analyzes information from various sensors. With the help of the machine vision, it independently decides to slow down or stop if it "sees" a potential hazard on the road. Such a system independently chooses how to deliver the people or cargo to the destination point in the most efficient way. The safety control of the entire complex is carried out 24/7, regardless of the weather conditions.

The uST transport completely eliminates the human factor, minimizes the accidents and the possibility of creating the traffic jams. Thanks to the machine vision system, when potentially dangerous objects are detected, the unimobiles change their driving parameters up to a complete stop and correct their route in real time mode. In addition, the unimobiles exchange the data they receive with each other and with other elements of the complex. This advantage eliminates the situations posing a threat to the passengers or vehicles.

The control system monitors the safety conditions in the unimobile cabin and monitors the outside situation along the entire route. It also coordinates the passengers boarding and getting off, adapt the traffic intervals of the unimobiles to the passenger traffic intensity, so that their cabins are not overcrowded or, on the contrary, empty. In addition, the system is able to recognize the passenger actions posing a safety threat and take measures to prevent the dangerous situations.

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12 December 2022