Why Are UST Inc.'s Transport & Infrastructure Complexes Resistant to Earthquakes?

A massive earthquake is a natural disaster that usually has a tragic outcome. Destructive tremors can make it difficult or impossible to use conventional modes of transport. At the same time, the string rail overpass of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is much more resistant to such natural calamities.

The safety of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes is one of their key advantages, which makes them an efficient solution for earthquake-prone regions. The design of the string rail overpass makes it as resistant to earthquakes as possible thanks to the prestressed strings that form the track structure.

Tensioned strings that connect the supporting towers create a robust system that can withstand seismic loading without failure.

The values of additional forces arising in the system elements will be negligible due to the high period of natural vibrations — the system stabilizes itself at any vibrations caused by external loads without any resonance effects. At the same time the track structure does not require to install expensive anti-seismic devices on the bridges, which need constant monitoring and performance control. The track structure will not collapse, since the entire complex works as a single unit under such an impact. Even if damaged, the supporting tower will not fall down because the track will hold it. This means that even a strong earthquake will not destroy the structure — it will remain safe and serviceable.

8 February 2023