What Are the Features of the String Rail Design?

What Are the Features of the String Rail Design?

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. started a blog on the well-known science publication Naked Science. The initial post on web-site introduces the characteristics and benefits of the string rail design.  

The material says that uST complex is based on the technology of pre-stressed track structures of a new generation, with a string rail as the core element.

String elements within the rail body in anchoring nodes are filled with a special mixture – this is an additional, duplicating measure of fixation of the stressed element in the string attachment node. The presence of a special mixture increases the durability of the stressed element and its corrosion resistance.

What Are the Features of the String Rail Design?

The main differences of uST technology are a significant reduction in the material intensity of the track, increase in the length of spans and reduction in the number of supporting structures. It also offers high durability and evenness of the track, absence of junctions and expansion (temperature) joints.

Modularity, maximum unification of constituent parts and scalability of the track structure make it possible to reduce design, production organization and manufacturing time, which, in turn, do not rule out an individual approach to each facility.

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2 July 2024