We Answer Popular Questions About String Transport!

Every year transport and infrastructure complexes by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. become more and more interesting to the public. Of course, many want to know as much as possible about our unique technology. We have selected the most relevant of the questions related to string transport, and we are launching a section in which we will gradually answer them. Today we’re going to talk about the string rail overpass – what is it?

One of the main elements of the uST overpass is the innovative string rail. This is a steel, reinforced concrete or steel-reinforced concrete beam or truss, continuous along the length, equipped with a rail head, and additionally reinforced with pre-stretched strings.

Currently, there are three types of string rails: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible. The design of the track structure itself can be mounted or suspended, as well as monorail or bi-rail.

uBus and uBike cross the territory of EcoTechnoPark. Summer 2020.

The main horizontal tensile load falls on the anchor supports. Intermediate supports take on the vertical load and differ by much less material consumption compared to similar elements in traditional overpasses. The track structure is light and elegant. It does not block the sky and allows you to preserve natural landscapes along the track route.

The main advantages of uST are the high durability and evenness of the track, the ease of manufacture, the ability to operate at extreme temperatures, and minimal energy consumption during movement.

Also, due to the small diameter of the string rail and its location above the ground, aerodynamics is optimized, speed increases and a high level of safety of the transport complex is ensured.

11 February 2022