Indonesia Interested in UST Inc.'s Solution to Improve Inter-Island Transport

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues to work as part of the agreement concluded with ITS Indonesia. As a reminder, the agreement with this organization concerns the practice of uST technology in Jakarta and the whole country. For example, yet another area Indonesia considers promising is using uST complexes as a transport solution to connect islands.

A fundamentally new level of transport accessibility 

The islands of Sumatra and Java are among the regions where uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions are being considered. Every day a significant number of ferries cross the strait separating these islands. It has recently become ever more difficult for maritime transport to handle the flow of buses, cars, and trucks. Along with the country's development, their number is thriving.

uST complexes can bring transport communication between islands to a whole new level. A string rail overpass high above the ground (or water) does not require any earth embankments, excavations, bridges, flyovers, multi-level interchanges, or culverts. The span length between the supports of the track structure can be up to two kilometers, which makes the route an efficient solution for crossing water barriers that separate neighboring islands. Such a route can be an alternative way of carrying people or goods between Sumatra and Java, as well as a link between transport hubs and major cities of the two islands.

Traffic jams will be yesterday's problem

Java is one of the most populated islands in the world. It has 145 million inhabitants and about 58 million in Sumatra. The traffic on the roads is increasing, causing multi-kilometer traffic jams. uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes can carry up to 50,000 passengers per hour. This figure can be even more prominent with constructing a multi-level system, where many rails will be on top of each other. There are no fundamental limitations, as the number of levels can be considerable. The movement of uPods above the ground ensures safe transportation. Thus, it eliminates not only traffic jams but accidents as well. Passenger flow is redistributed, easing congestion on the main highways used for ground transportation. uST route will make the journey from Sumatra to Java fast, affordable, and comfortable.

Unparalleled reliability

The safety of uST technology is another advantage that is highly relevant for Indonesia, a country prone to frequent earthquakes. Under such conditions, the potential of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes is revealed to the fullest extent. Due to its design features, the string rail overpass is resistant to earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods. Moreover, even if one or more supporting towers are damaged or destroyed, the track structure remains intact thanks to the pre-stressed strings. The string rail track will sag but not collapse.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is currently working with ITS Indonesia to jointly develop several directions for developing the region's transport infrastructure. According to William Sabandar, President of ITS Indonesia, the cooperation with Unitsky String Technologies Inc. will enhance Indonesia's capabilities in applying intelligent transport technologies. At the same time, uST complexes can be employed in Bali, as well as in Nusantara, the future capital of Indonesia. Furthermore, UST Inc. is working with the Indonesian government to implement the Vision of Indonesia 2045 program, which aims to improve the economy.

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16 November 2022