Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Received New Patents for Inventions

Unitsky’s string transport system

So far, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has received about ten patents for the string system technology. String rail transport complexes in urban, interurban and high-speed passenger and cargo versions are being continuously improved. This time, the company received another patent related to Unitsky’s string transport system. This invention aims to increase rigidity of track structure and its dynamic stability in clearances between adjacent supports, which is the most significant feature of the novel solution.

According to Sergey Artyushevsky, Deputy General Designer for Science, the invention can be used in the construction of both urban speedways and interurban / international transport systems.

High-speed transport module

Legal protection and novelty approval was also given to the original design of two-body high-speed transport complex. The prototype is registered in the National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus.

Uniqueness of this solution is due to the section of the vehicle optimized to reduce drag coefficient. This will minimize energy costs when moving at a high speed. At the same time, this structure enables to approximate dimensions of the vehicle in cross section to the size of humans. Sequential installation of seats “overshadowed” by the first one does not increase the mid-section. Moreover, this layout does not require extra wheel spats which deteriorate aerodynamic parameters of the transport complex.

Manufacturing technique and structure of Unitsky’s ultra-high-speed transport complex

The invention is related to ultra-high-speed transport, particularly, to trunk networks for passenger and cargo transportation which ensure movement of the vehicle on the track structure in a closed overpass.

“The rivals’ solutions of transport complexes tend to be costly and insufficient in terms of track structure alignment. The thing is, primarily, that these structures have joints in rail track and between closed overpass components, which does not allow a dead-smooth travel for the transport. I mean, these technical solutions won’t make travels high-speed with proper reliability of transportation on the track structure of such transport complexes. Our invention helps to overcome this challenge,” said Sergey Artyushevsky, Deputy General Designer for Science.

 The way we propose for manufacturing and designing Unitsky’s super-high-speed transport complex ensures the following:

  • overall increase in manufacturing and structural processability of the super-high-speed transport complex;
  • increase in specific carrying capacity of the track structures;
  • improved performance of the transport complex;
  • better rigidity of the structure;
  • better alignment of the rail track.

21 December 2021