The Emirati Businessman Published the Story About the uST Transport on His YouTube Channel

Saeed Alblooshi, who is a banker, a business owner and a public speaking coach, has visited the uSky Testing and Certification Center in Sharjah. The guest met with the executives of the Center and tested the possibilities of uPods in action. Saeed Alblooshi published the story about the elevated transport of the second level on his YouTube channel.

During the meeting, the presentation of uST technology was held and the visitor was introduced to the General Designer of UST Inc. Anatoli Unitsky. The honored guest was able to see a high-speed uFlash and a tropical uCar, designed specifically for the Middle East. Saeed Alblooshi made a test drive, personally assessing the comfort and safety of passenger transportation. The guest also visited the hardware and software complex of dispatch control and, under the supervision of engineers, sent uCar on a trip by himself.

The speed of uPods made a special impression on the blogger. “From Dubai to Abu Dhabi is only 17 minutes. When I first read this, I didn’t believe it. Like you probably. But when I had visited the transport of future project and met with the owner, it became possible. Technology is changing our life without us realizing it. The disadvantage is that it makes us lazy sometimes and we do things without effort. The advantage is making our life easier. Who is ready to commute between Abu Dhabi and Dubai every day?”, - Saeed Alblooshi texted on his LinkedIn account after visiting uSky Center.

19 April 2023