UST Inc.’s CEO: “uLite demonstrates versatility of our product”

The first uST complex for commercial operation
April, 2023. The uLite on the flexible track structure

The project's implementation on the territory of Aquarelle Ecopark became a milestone in the development of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. For the first time, the company has presented a product for commercial use. We talked to Nadezhda Kosareva, the General Director of UST Inc. about the opportunities for the company’s further development.

What makes this solution unique and distinguishes it among other uST complexes? 

uLite demonstrates the versatility of our product. We can adapt it to the customer’s needs and the tasks they want to solve using our technology. Such a complex is suitable for various purposes – as urban transport, on tourist routes, for communication with sparsely populated and remote areas. Due to its cost-effectiveness, uLite can be used as a link to ground transport, solving the “last mile” problem. The complex arranges efficient delivery of passengers to a railway station, port, airport or, for example, an enclosed resort area. Therefore, this is a very promising business trend. 

Even at the project development stage, we set ourselves the task of creating a multifunctional and affordable product. The goal has been achieved. uLite is the most cost-effective of the rail electric vehicle configurations we have accomplished. The key points in developing this model were simplicity in manufacturing and the use of only the equipment necessary for smooth operation, safety and ergonomics.

General Director of UST Inc.
General Director of UST Inc. Nadezhda Kosareva

What global idea do put into the product when offering it to the market? 

While implementing a complex for commercial operation, we are not only demonstrating the operational principles of our transport for future customers, but also building up an understanding of ethical business. What do I mean by this concept? Firstly, the responsibility to our customers. Daily traffic jams, accidents, congested roads and parking problems have become a familiar sight for city dwellers. It is obvious that the transport industry needs the introduction of new solutions to reverse this situation. However, we should not forget about efficiency. As for the Head of the company, when creating a product for the transport industry it is important for me not to become another problem, but to offer a simple and cost-effective solution. And uLite demonstrates what a new format of mobility can be.

Secondly, I include an environmental component in the concept of ethics. Several aspects are obvious to me here. Primarily, our solution provides an environmentally friendly transport link with zero pollution and minimal noise. On this basis, the complex fits perfectly into the concept of Aquarelle Ecopark. In addition, we create transport systems that save people’s time. And as you know, time is the most expensive resource. This is where I see the difference between our product and conventional solutions and a huge backup for the company’s further development. 

Testing of the first uST complex for commercial operation
June, 2023. The engineers test the rail electric vehicle on the track structure

What experience have you gained while implementing uLite?

Being a pioneer is a pleasure on the one hand and a responsibility on the other. I can say that we have laid the foundation for successful implementation of future commercial projects. Today we have completed the production technology from start to finish. We have the experience of passing through the full cycle of creating the uST complex for commercial use, starting from the basics and ending with the commissioning of the final product.

27 July 2023