Can Tesla Electric Cars Be as Safe as uST Transport?

uST transport

Unmanned transportation has long been a trend in the automotive industry. However, the reliability of such vehicles is often questionable. However, a safe unmanned solution for passenger transportation has already been found. The overpass transport based on uST technology does not involve a driver and solves the challenges faced by conventional solutions. Learn more in the publication of FederalPress.

Car manufacturers classify 6 levels of automation, but only 5 of them can be called fully autonomous. The system of modern cars applies to Level 2: a person is behind the wheel, while the autopilot is used optionally and does not guarantee safety. Thus, to check the performance of the Tesla Model 3, The Dawn Project held its own survey. It turned out that the electric car under autopilot control hit baby carriages and dummies of children and did not reduce speed at the request of road signs.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. offers a product that is not only driverless, but also safer than conventional unmanned vehicles. Firstly, rail electric cars move above the ground, which eliminates congestion and traffic accidents. Secondly, the route and speed of transport, as well as embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is fully controlled by an automated control system. Thirdly, the solutions of UST Inc. are greener, and the energy consumption of uPods is 5-7 times lower than that of conventional electric cars.

12 May 2023