Anatoli Unitsky to Introduce String Transport at GITEX Global 2021

The 41st International Exhibition GITEX Global 2021 recently began at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This is the largest and most prestigious display of the latest advances in information and communication technologies where the author of string transport, Anatoli Unitsky, is delivering his presentation on the optimization of planetary mobility in the future on October 20.

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Global is the sole event to clearly demonstrate the global technology visions on a large scale, starting with the recent advances in artificial intelligence, 5G, cybersecurity, blockchain, quantum computing, immersive marketing and financial technologies.

The exhibition presents the technologies from major companies to public bodies and new-generation startups coming together to access high-end innovations from around the globe. The exhibition has been held since 1921. This year’s event brought together technology enterprises and startups from 26 sectors.

Apart from the main schedule, GITEX Global offers a variety of round tables, conferences, briefings and workshops. Here the top experts from various countries exchange ideas and build the future of information technologies. For instance, one of the key scheduled events is GITEX Global Conference which attracts over 3000 delegates from all over the world every year.

On October 20, as part of the Future Mobility project, Anatoli Unitsky is delivering his presentation on optimization of the Earth’s transport as well as on geospace hauling.

As Anatoli Unitsky claims, today the territory more than five times larger than, for example, the United Kingdom, is rolled up in asphalt and buried under sleepers. This land is dead — you won’t find greenery there to produce oxygen vital to every living being on Earth. As an alternative to the upcoming collapse of the human civilization, the engineer and inventor proposes a different solution — gradual replacement of present-day “first-level” transport with highly efficient and ecosafe “second-level” transport as well as non-rocket industrialization of the near space by the middle of the 21st century. This solution will enable to overcome global ecological problems of the planet, save over 100 million lives on the highways by the end of the century and restore to land users the territories which are now occupied by asphalt and railroads.

Everyone can visit the exhibition and get acquainted with the exhibited products until October 21 inclusive.

19 October 2021