UST Inc. Presented an Exploration Solution for the Arctic Region on the International Forum

The XIII International Forum "Arctic: present and future"

The XIII International Forum "Arctic: present and future" is taking place in St. Petersburg on December 7–8. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is participating in this large-scale event. The company proposed an integrated approach on the development and exploration of the Far North with uST technology. 

Every year the forum gathers over 2000 participants from Russia and other countries. Among them are federal and regional authorities, chief officers of large Russian banks, leading experts of the scientific community, as well as industrial, transport, financial and service enterprises. The participants also include technology developers and producers, scientific and educational organizations, civic organizations and mass media. The main topic of the event is integrated and strategic solutions, as well as new socioeconomic development opportunities in the region.

This year the two-day business program of the forum suggests 2 plenary sessions, presentations by more than 400 speakers and over 50 discussion panels, dedicated to the main directions of social policy, economy, infrastructure, science and technology, ecology, international cooperation, and achieving integrated safety of the Arctic zone. This forum is an absolute leader in Russia in terms of business events. In 2022, it held 56 sessions.

The XIII International Forum "Arctic: present and future"

During the forum, UST Inc. will demonstrate the efficiency of the uST Solution for the Arctic region. Thus, uST complexes can be used there due to hindered road construction opportunities and peculiar climate or soil. At the same time, erection of a light-weight but strong string rail overpass in the permafrost areas is more affordable than other transportation solutions. So, the cost of a uST complex is comparable to the cost of laying a winter road, which is a temporary road for the period of freezing temperatures. 

"Harsh climate and remoteness of the region complicate the exploration and development of the Arctic. For example, transport accessibility is still an open question there. Difficult weather conditions often create a challenge for the transportation services, which aggravates dramatically the quality of life of the population. With uST technology you can solve the main problems that arise in the Arctic zone in severe climatic conditions. Overhead complexes may be an alternative to traditional winter roads and crossings for efficient transportation of passengers and cargoes to the destination", told the Deputy General Director for Design of UST Inc. Maxim Kubyshkin. 

In the Far North the advantages of uST transport are especially noticeable. Pre-stressed strings of the track structure make it immune to temperature variations from +60 to –60 °C. In winter, it doesn’t require de-icing salts to operate. The automated control system excludes the human factor and enables to operate uST complexes in any weather all year round.

For a consultation and details about the uST Solution for the Arctic region, follow the link.

7 December 2023