uSky Started Adjusting the Communication Systems of the Carat uBus

The flagship uBus

The uSky Test & Certification Centre in Sharjah is commissioning a transport overpass with a semi-rigid track structure and the Carat U4-212 uBus. The flagship uBus has already traveled along the entire track, which is more than 2 kilometers long. Now the engineers are testing the operation of the communication system between transport and the track structure.

"Currently, on supporting towers and anchoring structures we are testing the operation of antennas that enable communication between the uBus and the central control system. We are also determining the level and quality of the communication signal between the transport and the communication system on the track structure. For example, if the signal is poor, the uBus will perform emergency braking for safety," commented Vitaly Lapkovsky, Chief Designer of the High-Speed Transport Complex.

After completing a range of commissioning operations, various systems of the uPod, its safety and comfort will be tested. The next step is to take a series of measures to modernize both facilities. Then, all inspections will start with the transition to test runs under the approved program.

The flagship uBus

As a reminder, the Carat U4-212 uBus incorporates all the advanced developments of UST Inc. The interior is adapted for passengers with disabilities, there is a place for wheelchair transportation. The configuration of glazing provides passengers with a 360° view. The uPod is equipped with a multimedia system and Wi-Fi. Automatic climate control system with increased capacity optimizes the concentration of oxygen in the interior. This unit is equipped with condensate collection tanks. Water from them can be drained at stations and used, for example, for watering plants.

The uPod comes with a two-stage pneumatic suspension. It enables to achieve a ride comfort of business class cars. And even better when driving off-road. Air suspension smoothes out all bumps on the track. It reduces noise load and adjusts the level of the interior floor for the most comfortable boarding and disembarkation of passengers. The high level of thermal and noise insulation is provided by double-glazed windows with special coating (it reflects sun rays) and multilayer noise-absorbing coating applied to the inner part of the trim. Compared to its predecessors, Carat U4-212 is on a fundamentally new level.

19 October 2023