Formula of Transport of the Future: How Will Unitsky String Transport Change the World?

Primitive people, burning fires in their homes, in a cave, died of lung cancer at the young age. Then they figured out to take their first technologies outside their homes and therefore were able to survive.

Now the entire biosphere of the planet is our home. So that we all might survive tomorrow, it will be necessary in the future to remove the environmentally hazardous part of the Earth’s industry outside of the biosphere, into the near space. And also, to replace environmentally hazardous vehicles and rockets that destroy the ozone layer with their emissions with a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution.

This solution is proposed by the Belarusian engineer and inventor Anatoli Unitsky. His string transport combines several advantages at once: no emissions into the atmosphere, minimal use of electricity and land for the construction of string roads, low construction and transportation costs. By moving above the ground, such vehicles will significantly reduce the number of accidents and help save millions of human lives.

Space flights will be carried out using a non-rocket General Planetary Vehicle (GPV). Environmentally friendly and powered by electricity, the GPV will not only be able to bring all of the hazardous Earth's industry into near-Earth orbit, but will also help preserve the ozone layer from the destruction that modern rockets leave behind.

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4 November 2021