How Can UST Inc. Aid Industrial and Mining Companies Avoid Logistical Challenges?

Developing an optimal logistical itinerary with the lowest financial and time expenditures is no easy task for manufacturing and processing companies. At the same time, the requirements for the quality and time of cargo delivery are constantly intensifying. Logistics departments of companies need to look for new ways of transportation and be prepared to introduce innovative approaches. The solution could be to apply uST technology. The efficiency of transport and infrastructure complexes does not depend on the time of day, season, climatic or weather conditions, and therefore fully complies with the requirements of modern transport logistics.

Challenging arrangement of cargo transportation

In the face of global transformations, the logistics departments of industrial and mining companies encounter regular risks and challenges in solving problems related to the choice of itinerary and modes of transport. The arrangement of cargo transportation is complicated by the remoteness of facilities: mineral deposits are usually far away from cities and major transportation networks.

  • Companies are often unable to transport materials, equipment and resources because of seasonal lack of roads, or they have to delay deliveries due to the poor condition of the roads.
  • The work of industrial workshops can halt because of untimely delivery of parts needed for repair or adjustment of machines and special-purpose equipment. Lack of new spare parts, tools and raw materials causes downtime and financial losses.
  • A lot of facilities of mining companies are located in low temperature zones, making it necessary to arrange transportation under harsh weather and climatic conditions. In remote regions, it is common to encounter supply disruptions due to bad weather or natural disasters.
Сargo transportation in the Arctic zone with uST technology

The lack of developed transport infrastructure around the deposits of mining enterprises entails an increase in logistics costs: they have to engage all-terrain vehicles and heavy trucks and select alternative modes of transport, such as air, sea, or multimodal transport. With the increasing demands on the speed of delivery it is difficult to select transport for transshipment, as well as to properly build the itinerary and calculate the time for transportation. With uST technology, transportation risks are minimized, opening up new transportation opportunities for industrial and mining companies.

A new stage in the development of cargo transportation

Resistant to extreme temperatures, uST track structure can be effectively deployed even in the conditions of the Arctic. The solution is suitable for arranging transport communication in hard-to-reach areas with difficult terrain, where mining operations are involved. The transport and infrastructure complexes can link major logistics hubs for prompt delivery of any type of cargo: bulk, breakbulk, and liquid cargo. When it comes to dangerous goods, uST transport provides unprecedented reliability thanks to its design features and second-level movement (free of congestion and accidental obstacles).

Up to 100 million tons – the annual capacity of uST complexes. Up to 150 km/h – the speed of steel-wheeled unmanned electric cars. Over 50 years – the service life of the track structure before complete overhaul.

Compared to conventional roads, the route for uST transport is laid along a shorter path. This is possible due to the nature of the string rail overpass, which is more adaptable to the landscape patterns. During the transportation, the traffic situation is monitored by an automated control system. Smooth-running unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels are equipped with an anti-derailment system that ensures stability and prevents vertical derailment and tipping over. uST tracks do not need de-icing salt treatment, and cargo transportation is possible in any weather: fog, blizzard, downpour, storm, etc.

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3 January 2023