Karat: what makes the UST Inc.’s complex stand out?

The flagship of UST Inc.
25-seater uBus Karat U4-212

In 2023, the uSky Test and Certification Center completed the construction of the longest of all uST complexes – the transport overpass with a semi-rigid type track structure, called Karat. Its length is about 2.5 kilometers.

The complex was being developed to organize the traffic of heavy uPods weighing over 30 tons. The engineers performed a distinctive technical procedure during the project’s construction.

For the first time in the world, a track structure weighing 350 tons, pre-tensioned to a force of more than 1000 tons, was elevated to a height of 15 meters.

An important part of the uST complex was the 25-seater uBus Karat U4-212, the flagship of UST Inc. The complex owes its name to the mentioned uBus. The fifth generation uPod uses improved uST engineering solutions and Karat is at a fundamentally new technological level.

This uPod is designed for urban and suburban routes in arid climates. Karat is adapted to high temperatures and humidity. An automatic climate control system with increased power ensures the maintenance of comfortable temperature for passengers in the cabin even at +55 °C outside.

uSky Center has already carried out the first tests of the uBus while moving along a string rail overpass. The safety and driving comfort systems of the uPod were tested. Commissioning work on the track structure is nearly complete. The final phase will be the second stage of the complex’s certification and its subsequent commissioning.

Learn more about the features of the Karat uBus in our video.

15 February 2024