World Construction Today: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Turns a New Page in Transport Development

World Construction Today has published an article about the transport complexes by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The article says: «Increasing natural disasters, environmental degradation and excessively loaded motorways make the world think more frequently of building new communications and developing innovative transport». Read the details.  

Many countries have already introduced quite rigid environmental standards which contradict to a natural order of things. Industrial giants protect their interests and are not eager to give way to innovative sustainable transport systems. However, there are niches where conventional roads are either impossible or too expensive to build. These niches are the best starting point to launch innovations which are gradually winning the market over the rivals.

For example, ropeways were originally built solely in ski resorts but then became a full-featured type of urban transport. Trains, airplanes and cars we are used to were first considered niche products. Railroads were relevant in mines while airplanes and cars served just to entertain people.

Overpass transport is one of the most exciting types among all promising passenger vehicles. Such solutions are developed by many companies, including SkyTran, BeemCar, Zhong Tang Sky Railway Group, MND, etc. Open source information says that Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (UST Inc.) has overtaken everybody in this direction. This international engineering company develops and manufactures sustainable self-driven overhead transport that moves on string rails and can fill clear market needs. Where can such transport and infrastructure complexes be erected?

Lack of space for motorways

Many megapolises are so dense in terms of buildings and motorways that it is nearly impossible to construct anything else. Overloaded traffic arteries have grown into a hard nut to crack. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has the answer: you can build a string track right over the road. The transport complex can easily integrate into current urban infrastructure and requires minimum land to for construction. Elevated type and ultralight track structure allow quickest possible erection of a string track and unloading of busy motorways. The track structure can be arranged in the vicinity of houses. Almost silent and sustainable transport would not distract the dwellers.


A couple decades ago we witnessed progressive urbanization; now it reversed. People move from overpopulated and polluted megapolises to nearby small towns. As a result, the benefits of large cities are combined with a steady life and clean air of suburbs. But they stuck with transport problems such as huge traffic jams when driving into and out of large cities in the morning or evening. Extra lanes or even construction of new highways will be just a temporary solution. People won’t stop buying cars and the old problem will arise again.

Overhead string track is less expensive to build than railway, which will eliminate traffic jams and grant a quicker and more comfortable driveway to megapolises. Suburbanites will be able to drive a car to reach the intercepting parking in the vicinity of the nearest string transport station and continue the travel as passengers. It is similar how the complexes of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can be used to connect cities with airports.

Nature reserves with rigid environmental standards

The electric cars of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. produce much less impact on the nature compared to conventional transport. Such advantage allows using the technology in regions with rigid environmental standards, including even in the territory of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (parks and nature reserves). This is one of the most promising directions to develop string transport. UST Inc. has no competitors in this domain but there are difficulties as the company has to undergo numerous assessments and get every possible approval.

By the way, the EcoTechnoPark (Innovation Center of UST Inc.) held an excursion this November. The guests witnessed low-floor models which can be engaged not only in passenger transportation but also in highlight tours around vast territories, e.g., nature reserves. When at height, passengers can spectate a scenic view. At the same time, the track structure allows running on the ground level, making stops on interesting spots along the route. The string transport is eco-safe and inflicts zero hazard to the environment. Moving silently overhead, it won’t disturb animals under the string track. It may run slowly along the most special places and accelerate to a great speed just to reach the next destination. The transport is equipped with multimedia system to enrich excursions with illustrated and voiced information on outside objects the passengers are witnessing at the moment. This solution can replace a human guide.

Territories with hostile terrain and water barriers

Many places in the world do not allow regular transport communication due to hostile terrain or water barriers. Conventional communications in such regions are extremely expensive, challenging or simply impossible to build. But these are the areas where the string transport of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can perform at its best. String rails can be constructed in regions occupied by mountains, swamps or jungles with much smaller cost compared to all transport options available on the market. Elevated track structure minimizes the risk of accidents. Speaking of water barriers, the string transport can overcome them in one clearance between the supports of the track structure (up to 3 kilometers). The product of UST Inc. can also be used to commute between urban districts separated by rivers or lakes, which will allow people to avoid a long detour.   

In fact, you see that string transport does need to earn a place in this world. In the future, however, it will definitely carry as many passengers as conventional transport does. But now there are enough niches to occupy and by developing them our civilization can turn a new page in the advance of both transport and building sectors.



13 December 2021