EchoTechnoPark of UST Inc. Arranged an Excursion for Minsk Gymnasium’s Students

Exceptional. Vivid. Informative. This is pretty much how many 11th grade students of Minsk Gymnasium №36 would describe the end of fall break. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. arranged for them a fulfilling excursion through the EchoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka during which the company’s representatives made everything possible to leave an unforgettable impression on the children. Find out more in the UST report.

Station and museum of Unitsky String Transport, uHouse and uBus’s passenger module – they have never seen such things live for sure. The 11th graders were told about the history and prospects of string technologies and the way they can improve life on Earth.

The construction story of the EchoTechnoPark was another vivid point. The guests were surprised to know that the well-groomed grounds of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Innovation Center with manicured alleys and gardens were once a tank range literally stained with diesel fuel.


Demonstration runs of the string transport left a particular impression on the students. Stylish and unique design of the vehicles captivated the visitors from the very start of the excursion.  On the way to the uBus electric rail vehicle they were already wiping their smartphones’ cameras… 

Having been displayed on a variety of international exhibitions, the uCar garnered equal curiosity. The EchoTechnoPark’s visitors learned that this is a high-comfort vehicle with 2-6 seats to run urban and suburban routes. The uCar’s design allows coupling of its individual modules into a rolling stock with the capacity depending on assumed passenger flow. 

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The uCar (also uWind and uBike) is also quite convenient to demonstrate during highlight excursions in vast areas, e.g., in nature reserves or national parks. These vehicles open a scenic view from above. At the same time, the track structure allows running on the ground level, making stops on interesting spots along the route. The string transport is eco-safe and inflicts zero hazard to the environment. Moving silently overhead, it won’t disturb animals under the string track. Besides, UST Inc. creates transport that moves much faster than the ropeway alternatives. However, it may run slowly along the most special places and accelerate to a great speed just to reach the next destination. Steel-wheel electric vehicles are equipped with screens to enrich excursions with illustrated and voiced information on outside objects the passengers are witnessing at the moment. This solution can replace a human guide.

The students learned about the company’s philosophy which actually materialized in the EchoTechnoPark. Essentially, it is about preserving the planet, recovering the environment with better soil and gardens to grow eco-food. To step in this direction, we need to adopt safe second-level roads on a massive scale which do not pollute soil, occupy land, or harm animals and vegetation.


The class gymnasium teacher Olga Lipnickaya was pleasantly surprised by what she saw: “Thank you so much for the excellent tour and warm welcome. I am glad that here they do not only think about the future of our planet, but also create it. Good luck to your company!”

Did the students enjoy the excursion? We may judge by their requests to continue making such events in the future. In turn, it is always a pleasure for Unitsky String Technologies Inc. to meet guests who are interested in the solutions to make the world a better place for everyone. With a proper profession acquired, some of the children may probably join UST Inc. 

16 November 2021