String-Rail Overpasses as an Alternative to Railways: What is the Advantage of the uST Solution?

The technologies developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can be an efficient alternative to rail transport, intended, for example, for commercial transportation with established logistics. Unlike trains, uPods run on the second level. This minimizes the likelihood of collision with foreign objects, which increases the reliability of transportation and allows them to be even more accurate. In addition, the construction and operation of uST routes have minimal anthropogenic impact on the environment.

Problems of railway passenger services

On December 12, 2022, the daily precipitation record for the last 62 years was surpassed in Moscow. An icy rain the day before, on December 11, provoked a real collapse: delay of passenger trains for several hours, cancellation of planned routes, breakages of electrical wires on the railway. The super-intense precipitation that the residents of the megalopolis had to face caused a malfunction in the schedule of railway transport.

Visualization of uST transport application in the mountains

The solutions developed by UST Inc. are resistant to harsh weather conditions: transport and infrastructure complexes in the overpass design are ready for year-round operation both at an icy downpour and at a snowfall. But reliability and failure-free operation are not the only main advantages of uST technology. 

  • The material consumption of the string-rail overpass is reduced in comparison to traditional assembled rails and sleepers used on the railway. The flexible type of uST track structure is the least material-intensive of all existing string-rail overpasses.
  • Solutions by UST Inc. are characterized by a competitive cost with higher productivity if compared to rail transport. Due to high energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption, operating costs are also reduced. 
  • If the express passenger train accelerates to 91 on average, and the accelerated one speeds up to 140 km/h, the uPod develops speed up to 150 km/h. And even with such parameters, an electric vehicle on steel wheels with a smooth quiet running acts as a safe alternative to traditional trains. 

An automated control system continuously reads data with the help of technical vision, which allows to monitor the situation on the route and adjust the intervals of traffic. In case of detecting obstacles on the way, the control system automatically makes a decision to stop, transmits information to other uPods, as well as to the dispatcher. Sensors recognize the actions of passengers that threaten safety, allow to monitor the situation in the cabin throughout the journey. And the anti-derailment system excludes overturning or falling.

The secret of quiet rolling of the steel wheel

During the motion of uPods on the uST route, there is no vibration that would be transmitted to the supports or on the ground. The rolling of the steel wheel of the rolling stock is distinguished by smoothness and absence of shocks.

Moving uPods are liable to a low noise level to a jointless string-rail track, the absence of temperature seams, damping of the wheel, string-rail and anchor supports.

uST transport and infrastructure complexes are characterized by high throughput capacity and can be adapted to a variety of logistics tasks in the transportation of goods and passengers.

uCar in EcoTechnoPark on a rigid track structure (Maryina Gorka, Belarus, 2020)

Electric vehicles on uST steel wheels, similarly to traditional trains, can be assembled into trains – in a mechanical or electronic coupling with a different number and type of uPods. At the same time, they follow each other at a minimum interval. Taking into account the high frequency of traffic when using trains, the passenger flow also increases.

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6 February 2023