Expo 2020: Unitsky String Transport, Maglev Elevators, and Poems by Artificial Intelligence

One of the most anticipated and outstanding exhibitions of modern achievements, Expo 2020, has recently started. It was postponed for almost a year because of the pandemic, but retained its original name. The exhibition is attended by 192 countries. Each of them is going to surprise the world with its innovative solutions. 

Expo 2020 pavilions are built on the desert area of 4.38 sq.km. It looks like a flower with three petals from a bird’s eye view. Each “petal” corresponds to a specific topic – “Sustainability”, “Mobility”, and “Opportunities”. The flower’s heart represents a “Binding” and refers to the motto of the event: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. This motto was chosen for a reason, as most of the inventions presented at the Expo were designed to build a better progressive future based on high technologies and nature.

At Expo 2020, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. introduces an innovative string transport that moves above the ground on an overpass track structure based on the prestressed string rails of a special configuration while providing high speed and comfort at lower material consumption compared to other types of overpass transport. This transport system is intended to eliminate accidents on roads and traffic jams. 

Unitsky’s string transport needs significantly less power than its competitors while the overpass makes it possible to keep the landscape intact along the route. Within the city, unmanned Unimobiles are capable of speeding up to 150 km/h and carrying up to 50,000 people per hour.

String transport has long ceased to be a simple concept. It is a reality now. And this reality changes the world. Not far from the exhibition place you can see the operating string transport track with all the infrastructure. It is located in uSky Center, Sharjah. Here the EXPO guests can see a compact version of the transport system. “Sustainability”, “Mobility”, and “Opportunities”, as well as the motto of the EXPO, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, also fits the spirit, goals, and practical results achieved by the string transport.

What is on Expo 2020 besides Unitsky’s String Transport?

The topic of the Belarusian stand is “Forest of the futuristic technologies”. In addition to the string transport, there are a 4D-bioprinter and “Bucel M40” unmanned aircraft.

In the German pavilion you can see the innovative maglev elevator. Such an elevator does not need common cables; it is faster and consumes less energy. The elevator can move both vertically and horizontally, and its structure is similar to the subway station inside the building.

The main topic of the Swedish pavilion is environmental care. Here is a unique technology for recycling plastic waste into furniture with the use of innovative robots. The Austrian pavilion looks like a sandcastle and is completely eco-friendly: it is built from clay and sand to be easily restored to nature if necessary.

In the Emirati pavilion, visitors can design their own aircraft from the body view to the engine type. Then the aircraft can be tested in virtual flight with the help of a special simulator.

There are “Chang'e-5” spacecraft, “Baidou” satellite navigation system, and the unmanned concept-car running on new energy sources among the main exhibits of the China pavilion. The country has also focused on the next generation robots equipped with multi-sensor screens and 5G. For example, Youyou robot panda can do the wushu elements, draw, and serve as a guide for the exhibition visitors.

The UK is represented by artificial intelligence, which generates poems from the words of visitors. Then the poem’s lines in English, Arabic, Chinese, and French are displayed on the main wooden facade of the pavilion that is similar to a large musical instrument. This project was created by a female architect for the first time in the history of the exhibition.

Expo 2020 will last until the end of March, 2022. The cost of a single-entry ticket is $27, a one-month ticket is $56, and a full six-month unlimited ticket costs $143. Children under 18, students, and persons over 60 are admitted free of charge.

8 October 2021