uLite on the cover of scientific journal

uLite transport and infrastructure complex
June, 2023. The engineers test the rail electric vehicle on the track structure

“Innovative Transport” scientific journal has published an article about uLite as a promising electric transport for passengers and cargo. The authors of the publication told about the design features and advantages of this rail electric vehicle, as well as the advisability of its further commercial use. 

The article identifies the need for qualitative improvement of performance indicators of the existing transport systems, increasing level of their environmental friendliness, economy and safety. uST vehicles, in particular a uLite unmanned electric vehicle on steel wheels, are proposed as an effective alternative. 

The uPod is designed for transport on the bi-rail track structure of the second level. The simplicity of passenger module makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of its production and maintenance. At the same time, the operation of a rail electric vehicle as part of the transport complex of the second level will provide solutions to the problems related to the urban traffic. 

The article notes that the use of uLite allows to completely exclude the risk of accidents with pedestrians, animals and land transport. All uPod’s systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with modern safety requirements, while the cases of passengers’ injury during the transportation are eliminated. 

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“Innovative Transport” is a scientific publication established by the Russian Academy of Transport and the Ural State University of Railway Transport. The journal covers the achievements in the transport sector, as well as prepares reviews of the most important developments in the industry in terms of its innovation-driven growth. 

16 October 2023