uLite: at what stage are the works on the complex?

Earlier, UST Inc. announced the completion of the first stage of commissioning work on the uLite complex. After a series of tests, the uPod was sent to production for routine inspection in the laboratory.

“The uLite systems and components have been tested as planned. At the same time, we have ideas to improve the parameters of comfort and smooth running of transport. As a result, changes to the uLite traction module have been implemented,” said Vitaly Lapkovsky, Chief Designer of Rapid Transport Complex of UST Inc.

In March, the company's engineers conducted a series of test runs that confirmed the viability of the improvements. Now the uPod tests are continuing. In parallel, UST Inc. specialists are working to create a regulatory framework for uST transport. The State Committee for Standardization of Belarus has accepted an application for the development of requirements for uST complexes certification.

12 April 2024