The engineers of UST Inc. have conducted tests on the emergency braking of uLite

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues a series of articles on a number of measures to alter the purpose of the uLite transport and infrastructure complex to a cargo and passenger type. At the moment, the company’s experts have completed the first stage of commissioning work. Now the rail electric vehicle will be sent to the production facility for inspection.

“The uPod has traveled 3,300 km by far. A series of emergency braking tests have become the final stage of this phase. This is one of the most important points for ensuring safety when transporting passengers. Such tests are the ultimate loading of transport systems, after which a thorough examination of the vehicle in laboratory conditions is necessary to be conducted, where the uLite will be sent in the coming days. It is also important to assess the condition of the track structure, which has been subjected to extreme braking loads,” said Vitaly Lapkovsky, the chief designer of the high-speed transport complex.

The uLite transport and infrastructure complex includes two stations, a flexible track structure, an automated control system and the rolling stock – uLite rail electric vehicle. The length of the route is 1,120 m, the distance between spans is 250 m. The track structure of the complex connects the shores of lakes and recreational areas of the eco-park, hard-to-reach and remote locations.

An automated control system is responsible for the trouble-free and safe operation of the uLite complex. Additionally, the situation on the track is monitored by a dispatcher. The two-way communication system, which is installed in the uPod, ensures the connection between the vehicle and the control center throughout the entire route of uLite.

The first commercial project of UST Inc.

Let us recall that the first stage of commissioning work included a series of research tests. Among them were the complex functioning verification, the uPod control system debugging, electrical and structural safety parameters testing as well as the weight characteristics of the vehicle.

In particular, while testing the functioning of uLite, UST Inc.’s engineers were conducting an adjustment of all transport systems. The documentation for approval by state regulators was being prepared at the same time.

The next stage was the debugging of acceleration and deceleration modes of the uPod to determine the most comfortable driving parameters for passengers. Also, the determination of the position of rail electric vehicle on the track structure and the debugging of the function of maintaining a given vehicle speed was being adjusted.

During the electrical safety tests of the uPod, the company’s specialists confirmed the correctness of the incorporated solutions to eliminate any potential threats that could cause injury to passengers.

One of the final activities was testing the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle and the actual approach dimensions. The engineers of UST Inc. verified the curb and gross weight indicators, which allowed to avoid excessive loads on components and systems, and ensured the operation in accordance with the specified modes.

19 September 2023