Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Takes Part in the International Business Forum in Rwanda

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. presented its transport and infrastructure solutions at the CHOGM Rwanda 2022 Business Forum. Participation in the event, held in the capital of Rwanda, allowed the company to profile itself in the market of transport and logistics services of the East African region.

 In Rwanda, the exhibition is considered an important event related to innovation, business and economics. During the forum, participants discussed the use of innovative technological and economic opportunities to address key government issues, including the problems caused by the pandemic.

This year's event brought together high-ranking guests from 54 countries. Among the visitors were President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari, ministers and representatives of business circles of different states. Among the honorary speakers was Clare Akamanzi, a lawyer in the field of international trade and investment, Director General of the Rwanda Development Board, as well as a member of the Cabinet of Ministers. This spring, Clare Akamanzi visited the uSky demonstration and certification center in Sharjah (UAE) and was very impressed with the string transport.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. presented at the forum transport and infrastructure solutions that can play an important role in the economic development of Rwanda. Transport and infrastructure complexes in the overpass design require minimal land acquisition for construction, solve the problems of environmental pollution, road accidents and traffic jams. Other advantages of uST solutions include energy efficiency, durability and reliability. Passenger and cargo models of string transport moving at speeds up to 150 km/h can carry up to 50,000 passengers per hour or up to 100 million tons of cargo per year. uST transport and infrastructure complexes are able to operate efficiently in regions with harsh natural and climatic conditions (including those at temperatures of +50 ˚C) and terrain.

The visit of representatives from Unitsky String Technologies Inc. to the CHOGM Rwanda 2022 Forum was a new stage in the development of joint cooperation with clients from Rwanda. The company is ready to offer efficient, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly transport systems to African countries.

24 Junе 2022