The uST Technology Was Presented at the Leading Higher Education Institution of Belarus

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. held a class on the uST transport at the Belarusian State University. The lecturers were Alexey Klimkov, Head of Research Division at UST Inc., and Scientific Secretary Viktor Garanin.  

The audience included students of various specialties of the BSU Faculty of Economics, led by Tatiana Goraeva, Head of the Economic Security Department of the university. The company's employees told about the specifics of business processes in the construction and operation of the uST complexes, and also answered questions after the lecture. At the end of the meeting, the department head thanked the representatives of UST Inc. and voiced her interest in further cooperation.  

Recall that the company also cooperates with other Belarusian universities. For example, the company signed agreements on scientific and educational cooperation with Brest State Technical University, Belarusian National Technical University, International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, and Vitebsk State Technological University.

29 May 2024