Solutions for Improving the Aerodynamics of uPods Are Presented

“Innovative Transport” has published an article on the aerodynamics of uST Transport. The article in detail describes a uFlash – a high-speed uPod with unique aerodynamic characteristics. Among the authors of the publication is the General Designer of UST Inc. Anatoli Unitsky.

An article on optimizing the aerodynamic characteristics of a high-speed uPod was prepared with the participation of employees of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.: Sergey Artyushevsky, Mikhail Tsyrlin and Vladimir Goncharov.

The material presents technical solutions aimed at improving the aerodynamics of uST Transport. In addition, it describes the design features of UST Inc. high-speed models, as well as their advantages in terms of aerodynamics and ergonomics.

uFlash is designed for transportation between cities, as well as for international traffic. A high-speed uPod is capable of speeds up to 500 km/h. For example, it will cover the distance from Minsk to Paris in 4-5 hours. This is even faster than by plane if you add up the flight duration and time you need to get to the airport, to check-in and go through other pre-flight and post-flight procedures. uFlash has a streamlined body with smoothly mating front, middle and rear sections. At the same time, transition couplings are built according to special curves, which are the know-how of the company. The model was first presented in 2018 at the major international transport exhibition Innotrans in Berlin.

“Innovative Transport” is a scientific publication established by the Russian Academy of Transport and the Ural State University of Railway Transport. The magazine highlights achievements in the transport sector, and also prepares reviews of the most important events in the industry from the point of view of its innovative development.

26 January 2023