SibSIU recommended implementation of uST technology in Russian regions

The Siberian State Industrial University, having analyzed the uST solution, recommended implementing the company's technology in the regions. 

The University specialists have analyzed uST transport and infrastructure complexes and came to the conclusion that modern and innovative materials are used for their creation: adhesives, compounds, composites, as well as materials based on organic and non-organic binding agents.

The University specially emphasized the availability and affordability of construction and structural materials required for the production of uST complexes. It was pointed out that all of them are produced by industrial enterprises of the Union State in significant volumes.

The SibSIU conclusion states that uST technology contributes not only to reducing the costs of transporting raw materials, but also to the development of the depth of their processing, influencing the innovative growth of the country as a whole.

The University recommended the introduction of uST technology across Russian regions in the transportation, agrarian and energy sectors. According to Sergey Konovalov, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Technical Sciences, Professor, this will increase the flexibility of regional economies and make them resilient to global challenges.

7 May 2024