Review of the 48-seat uBus: a new scientific publication on uST transport

In the next issue of the specialized Russian magazine “Innovative Transport”, an article by Anatoli Unitsky, the General Designer of UST Inc., and his co-authors was published. The article discusses uST transport as an efficient solution for passenger transportation, providing a detailed description of the improved uBus U4-220-T2.

The authors of the article note that the accelerated urbanization process along with increased traffic congestion and mobility of the population require the emergence of new modes of transport. The optimal solution can be fast, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe uPods, which are part of the uST transport and infrastructure complex.

The uBus U4-220-T2 is designed for passenger transportation on urban and suburban routes, with a top speed of 150 km/h. This is confirmed by its design and technical specifications, which are discussed in detail in the article. At the same time, during the tests it turned out that it is possible to further reduce the noise level in the uBus cabin and outside it.

During the modernization process, among other things, the cushioning, microclimate and ventilation systems were updated. Subsequent measurements showed that the goal had been achieved. If we compare it to the corresponding indicators of a tram, for example, the noise produced by the uPod is significantly lower after the enhancement.

The article by Anatoli Unitsky, Mikhail Tsyrlin and Dmitriy Vikhrenko can be found at the link.

15 May 2024