«We didn’t expect such a thing to exist in Belarus»: the visitors of Aquarelle share their impressions about the uLite

Without a doubt, the uST complex is one of the most interesting places among rural recreation centers. Already at the entrance, the visitors’ attention is riveted by the stretching away elevated route with delicate supports. We collected the Aquarelle guests’ impressions about the introduction of uST transport in the EcoPark.

The first thing that catches your eye on the territory of Aquarelle is a considerable number of fishermen. Valeri Sivitsky is among them. He thinks that the idea to build such a complex is interesting:

– The area is quite big here, and to walk is too long. I would ride to the shore, and the catch yield would just fit.

Eleanor El-Hajj, who is on vacation with her family in the EcoPark, admits that she has not heard about the uST transport until that moment:

– The scale is impressive. We did not expect such a thing in Belarus. It is nice to see here an eco-friendly type of transport. On vacation, this is especially relevant because you want comfort and peace. At least for a while you get away from the gassed streets and noisy cars. The complex fits well into the concept of a recreation center. It will be interesting to observe the development of the project.

But the residents of Maryina Gorka, Larisa Ishankulyeva and Alexei Makarov, know uLite firsthand. The guests have already rested in the Aquarelle before. They say that if not everyone in the city, then at least many of them are wondering when it will be possible to go for a ride.

– It is clear, people are curious. The transport is new. You will not see this anywhere else in Belarus. Local tourists are often inquiring what is it in amazement. We say it is an eco-friendly electric car that drives independently, - says Larisa.

– I think the uLite will be in great demand, – Alexey adds.

Valentina Vasilieva is another visitor of Aquarelle, who is looking forward to taking a trip by uLite:

– I would love to ride. There are so many activities here: an equestrian club, recreation areas, a sports complex, a zoo ... You cannot even list everything. It will be much more interesting to look at it from a height. I am glad such technologies exist in our country.

25 August 2023