The Product of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Is a Response to Challenges in the Transport Sector

Ten-point traffic jams paralyze huge cities. More than a million people perish in road accidents around the world every year. The problem of environmental pollution becomes more acute every day. What is the imperfection of the modern transport system and what can be the solution? 

Fighting traffic congestion

The importance of public transport has increased as a result of heavy traffic jams in megacities. Motorists, heading to work from the suburbs, reach the city by car, and then become passengers of the metro, trams, buses... It is a logical approach that allows to be mobile and not to think about a parking space. But is this really the best solution? In addition, traffic jams for ground public transport are no less a problem than for cars. And new metro stations or roads that need to be laid in a sprawling city are not only expensive to build, but also very difficult to do (the traffic should be blocked). Cities have been a long time waiting for the appearance of a transport solution capable of meeting all the requirements of modernity. 


Сoncealed harmful emissions

The issue of caring for the environment is a moment to which enormous attention is being paid nowadays. Manufacturers of electric vehicles put the environmental friendliness of the product to the fore, although objectively there are questions about this advantage. Such cars only seem totally harmless to the environment. How is electricity generated? It is often produced at coal-fired power plants that emit pollutants into the atmosphere. The abrasion and production of rubber tires of electric vehicles also harm nature. In addition, such cars still take up space on the road, that leads to traffic jams, during which exhaust emissions occur more intensively.  

Questions about driverless cars

It is difficult to imagine that an advanced mode of transport will be controlled by a driver. Yes, self-driving cars already exist. Their main advantage is the exclusion of the human factor. But how realistic is their mass use on traditional roads? The car will become truly unmanned when it can fully control the situation and automatically make error-free decisions. Today, all these tasks are not being solved perfectly. For example, such a system can take the car pictured in an advertisement placed on a bus for a real vehicle. There are many cases when precipitation or exhaust gases were perceived by driverless cars as an obstacle. Drivers who violate the traffic rules or have an aggressive driving style can also cause interference. Self-driving cars simply will not be able to operate quickly in dense high-speed traffic and will create an obstacle themselves. 

Response to the challenges of modernity 

What will solve the above problems? A promising option for unloading roads is location of the transport system in a separate space. A suitable solution is overpass transport. But its track should be flexible and lightweight, that will allow to build it quickly among densely built-up areas and not create obstacles for traffic. In addition, there are no pedestrians and traditional modes of transport in this space – accidents and traffic jams are excluded. The elevated nature of the track structure also carries into effect the entire technological potential of unmanned transport. The accessibility of such a product is also important, otherwise it is doomed to remain only a promising idea. For the same reason, this transport should be more comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly than the conventional one. 

This is just the product that Unitsky String Technologies Inc. develops. There is a demand in the world for a fundamentally new type of transport that is in no way inferior to the usual modes of transportation, but at the same time solves their problems and does not create new ones. Comfort, unmanned control, economical efficiency and environmental friendliness, high mobility and speed, as well as the capability to exclude congestion and accidents destine such a transport solution to success.    

28 March 2023