Improved 48-seat uBus was sent to the EcoTechnoPark

The commissioning of 48-seat uBus was started in the EcoTechnoPark. The vehicle was sent to the uST technology implementation and demonstration center after its improvement at the production site. The passenger and traction modules were revised.

The engineers of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. together with the specialists of SW PLANT had been working on U4-220-T2 48-seat uPod on steel wheels for more than six months, improving its key performance features.

The changes were performed toward the passenger and traction modules. A specially designed traction trolley provides the increased running smoothness of both transport modules. Original climatic units, air ducts, new compressors, and blowers were installed to make the interior climate more comfortable.

The twined energy storage unit was substituted for a single one. Therefore, the maintenance process became easier and electromagnetic interference was reduced. The electrical system had been almost completely revised.

It is expected that the running smoothness of uPod will be improved and the interior microclimate will become more comfortable, as well as the noise level will be reduced, - said Dmitry Vihreko, the Leading Engineer of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

 After the uPod installation on the track structure in the EcoTechnopark, its commissioning and testing began. It is expected that these works will be implemented early next year.

15 December 2022