How can widespread use of uST transport improve the global ecological situation?

uCar in the EcoTechnoPark (Maryina Gorka, Belarus)

According to the analysis of the International Energy Agency, the volume of emissions from the energy industry increased in 2023. At the same time, the scaled up use of clean energy significantly constrains this rate. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. supports this trend and suggests a solution in the form of eco-friendly transport communication with zero air pollution.

uPods are powered with the most environmentally friendly type of energy – electricity. Moving of steel wheels on steel rails with the efficiency of 99.8% and high aerodynamic characteristics of the rolling stock ensures a greater energy efficiency of uST transport. That’s an important point. Because significant consumption of electricity also harms the nature as far as this resource is often obtained on coal-fired power plants emitting harmful substances into the air with flue gases.

Eco-friendly and safe rail uPods move above the ground. That excludes traffic jams and congestions during which vehicles with internal combustion engines produce a large amount of exhaust gases. There are other emissions harmful for the environment, for example, tire and brake wear products. Such a problem is solved in uST Transport through the use of steel wheels.

The track structure with light openwork supports and long spans does not interfere the natural terrain, helps to save the landscape, fertile soils and biodiversity of surrounding areas. These unique features allow to use uST complexes even in the regions with the strictest environmental requirements.

22 March 2024