How can uST transport help to cope with driver shortages?


According to International Road Transport Union (IRU) statistics for 2022, 25 countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America lacked more than 2.6 million professional drivers. The global shortage of human resources has serious implications for the logistics industry. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. believes that the application of new transport technologies can alleviate the problem. Find out more in Office Life.

There are tiresome trips, many hours of idle time spent at borders, vehicle fleet wear, raising of the workers’ average age among the main causes of permanent personnel shortage. In such a difficult situation, the use of unmanned transport becomes especially trending. However, a number of factors casts doubt on the efficiency and safety of such solution. 

An alternative is offered by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The above-ground location of the route eliminates the difficulties facing unmanned surface transport. The work of the uPod’s driver is performed by an automated control system. With sensors, it reads information from the track and makes rail electric vehicles slow down or stop when it recognizes an obstacle along the way. 

The General Director of UST Inc. Nadezhda Kosareva predicts the growth of interest in unmanned vehicles for cargo and passenger transportation: 

“Creating a product for the transport market, we considered and focused on emerging world trends. Introduction of digital technologies in combination with new engineering solutions can bring the unmanned transportation to a fundamentally new level”.

4 September 2023